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Desert Views

When you are moving constantly, the time seems to slip away much quicker.  Before you realize it, it’s been at least two months of travel and not enough posting. I totally envy those bloggers who get things out in quick and ready fashion. Right now, it’s pack, move, do stuff for 5 days which includes

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Little Green Men

There is a deadline to our travels. At least for the Fulltime RV lifestyle and it’s creeping up quicker that I would like. There’s so much that we’ve yet to see and because of life happening, it will have to wait. I’ve had to remind myself to enjoy the journey and not get caught up

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Close Quarters

Space, more importantly, personal space. This is the concern for most of the people I talk to. It’s hard for most people to fathom living in such small accommodations solo, let alone with three other people and three cats.  And it can be very tedious being in such close quarters a lot of the time.

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