About Us

Our Family

We are a family of seven. Maybe seven is a long stretch, more like two adults, two kids and three cats. But believe it or not, those cats can take up space and have attitudes of their own!

The Decision

After our second child was born, we decided that Shaneka would become a Stay at Home Mom. While we were still discussing committing ourselves, the idea of Fulltime RV living came up. This is an issue of debate, Michael says he thought (and voiced) the idea before and Shaneka believes it was her idea first. Regardless of who’s idea it was, both were enamored with the thought of roaming the U.S.

The House

After putting our sticks and bricks home up for sale, we anticipated having to wait six or more months. Within two weeks, we had an offer. Until that point, we thought we would get a towable, however, push came to shove and we wound up deciding on a 2011 Tiffin Allegro 35QBA. This took hours of searching and lots of looking. It’s a spacious rig with all of the right features, mainly beds.

2 comments on “About Us”

  1. Kelli Reply

    I love it! I’m really excited to read about your adventures across the U.S. and Canada (hopefully). Lol. You guys have a bravery that Jose and I could never achieve! Beat of luck and safe travels!

    • rvuser Reply

      Thanks Kelli! I hope we document our travels well enough so that others will feel like they are there or at least be inspired to get out there.

      Thanks for being the first comment.

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