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When you are moving constantly, the time seems to slip away much quicker.  Before you realize it, it’s been at least two months of travel and not enough posting. I totally envy those bloggers who get things out in quick and ready fashion. Right now, it’s pack, move, do stuff for 5 days which includes the mundane like grocery shopping and washing clothes, then pack and move again. It’s great of course, but it’s also such a quick pace that Facebook is getting most of the attention.

Today is a cool and overcast in Fort Bragg. We’ve already visited downtown and Glass Beach twice. So it feels like the perfect time to do a little update and ease the self-imposed monkey on my back (sadly, this did not go as planned and a few more months have passed).

Santa Fe

This city is culturally overwhelming. There’s much to learn about the Native American history as well as all of the influences, both old and new of outside interactions. The colors of the artwork is vibrant and almost feels like you can’t open your eyes enough to capture the turquoise paint and jewelry that is so prevalent here.


La Choza

My friend suggested this restaurant. It has been around for decades and serves authentic New Mexican food. This was our first experience with posole- hominy and pork stew with green chili and other spices. It’s something I’ve never had and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Our boys loved the sopapillas. These are fried dough pillows in which you pump honey into. Honestly, I love them too but what’s not to love… fried dough and gobs of honey. Sadly, most went to the boys.


Cultural Pass

This is the best way to see some of the local museums. The pass gets you into museums and historic sites all over New Mexico. If you visit three places, you’ve ‘spent’ over the cost of the pass. Best thing, it’s good for 12 months from the date of the first use.

Museum of Folk Art

This was our favorite place we visited with our pass. The exhibits are well done and are captivating. But what makes this place special, is the way they engage children. At almost every exhibit, there’s a hands on activity for kids to do. Whether it’s folding origami, making kits, or beating drums… there is something for the kids to learn and take away from each exhibit. It also makes it easier to take time and read more facts for the parents.


Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

Moving and thought provoking, those are two words to describe the museum. In school, we were definitely taught about the trail of tears and some of the loss to the Native Americans. But seeing it, in the eyes of those who lost so much, makes it more real. You can see what life was like from the beginning to the current decades. Watch how traditional housing was replaced with more Western houses with some cultural items still around.



Ski Santa Fe

We decided to drive up the mountain to visit Ski Santa Fe. The kids and I have never seen so much snow before. The oldest couldn’t be stopped from diving is body into the snow and make snow angels or snow balls. We watched people take the lift and then glide expertly down. The site has equipment for sale and rent as well as cafeteria. We did enjoy some hot chocolate and coffee.

National Forest Campground – Big Tesuque  

This campground is perfect for those with kids who do not want to ski. We saw people enjoying sliding down the snow when we drove up the mountain. On the way down, we stopped and the kids played until they were exhausted. We visited again with our own snow glider later in the week. Early morning is best, before it gets too crowded.

Que Sera Alpaca

This is a fiber lover’s dream or least an alpaca admirer. Que Sera Alpaca is fairly close to the KOA and we saved it until one of the last days. The farm is in the mountains; you can see stunning views for miles and can understand why living here is so unique. Apparently, the climate is perfect for raising alpacas- not days but cold nights during the summer, when the llamas have less hair and cold during the winter.

We were able to learn that their teeth have to be clipped as they continue to grow. All of the animals were calm and even those who were more curious, were sweet. I was able to where the fleece was separated. The store has plenty to offer anyone. You don’t have to knit, spin, or crochet to find something. There are little llama dolls, hats, gloves, and other premade items. Of course, I picked up some fleece and some of their already dyed yarn for my mother in law.

Overall, Santa Fe is a really beautiful place to visit. During the winter, it’s cool enough to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer and easily make it to the indoor activities like art museums.

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