But Ricky, waaaaaaaaaah!

Our stay in Dewittville, NY was oh so very long ago. But our timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The weekend we arrived was Lucille Ball’s 105th birthday. If that’s not enough, her statue in Celoron, NY was changed from the infamous Scary Lucy to one that really looks like her. The kid and I were able to see the old and new statue. And boy, there is a huge difference. The first statue is what nightmares are made of and reinforced by Dr. Who shows. But the new statue. It delivers on the essence of Lucy, from her quirky and mischievous smile down to the detail on her shoes.

Scary Lucy 3/4 Shot

 Pretty Scary Lucy Scary Lucy

Headshot of the New Lucy

New Lucy Up close

Fully body Lucy

Full shot doesn’t show the detail

Lighthouse in Celoron



We weren’t the only ones visiting after the unveiling. The locals who didn’t make it over the weekend were there. And it was so cute and almost old worldlike the way they all knew each other. Asked about the grandkids and how so and so was doing. Pretty much what you would think a small town would be like and so different to see as an outsider.

Our stay at the Dewittville KOA was very nice. The weather was turning, coinciding with our a/c going out. So we were only marginally hot. We were able to pick our spot though. And with the help of the check-in staff, snagged one right across from the playground. Lots of update playspace and a sandpit. My boys were in filthy heaven.

Do not stare into the sun

Checking out his new telescope


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