Collecting Fossils and making snakes

 Lebanon, Oh
If we could not live near the beach or the mountains, Lebanon, Oh would be a beautiful place to live. The town center reminds me of being in England where everything is within walking distance. The buildings are historic and well maintained (there have been a few places that were not like this). And it was clean.

The boys and I were able to visit the library for their story time. We’ve been to quite a few and this was very well put together. There is a separate area for children, it’s bright, clean and has its own bathroom. The program offered several books, singing and crafting. The boys easily dropped into dancing and loved making paper snakes that twirled around after being cut.

Public LIbrary Making Paper Snakes Coloring snakes


Another great find was Caesar Creek State Park. This park is really huge and boasts a marina, lots of hiking trails and most interesting, fossil finding. You can only take fossils the size of your hand or smaller but it was a definite hit for the kiddos and required a second visit. We were looking for a trilobite but it was elusive. We did go home with crinoids, ammonite impressions, and little brachiopods. It’s the best kind of treasure hunting for dinosaur loving kids (and adults).

Fossil Collecting Found one Sky and flower Overlooking the water


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