Now That’s What I Call Service!

When it comes to RV service, if there is one thing that I’ve come to learn it’s that the quality of the technicians and the work they do can be, ahem, variable.  So when our jacks stopped working while we were parked up at Cypress Black Bayou in Benton, near Shreveport, Louisiana, we were obviously very nervous about what might be ahead.  When we’d tried everything we could think of to get them working (poking them, pressing buttons, cursing under my breath) we knew it was time to call in a ‘professional’.

I grabbed my phone and Google searched for a mobile RV technician, coming up with Chris Newman of First Choice Mobile RV Repair.  A quickly answered call to him ended with him telling me unfortunately he couldn’t fit me in for over a week (not unusual for the good technicians) and a recommendation to give Bayou Outdoor Supercenter a call.  And that is where the interaction with most mobile RV technicians would end.  However, Chris called me back twice over the course of the day to ask some questions and give me suggestions on what might be wrong and how I can troubleshoot the problem.  He probably spent about 60 minutes all told, helping me fix a problem with my RV without any chance of him ever getting a dime for it.  Good RV technicians make good money, so an hour spent giving free help can cost a lot.  I can’t say thank you to Chris enough for the advice he offered.  While his suggestions didn’t ultimately fix our jack problems, it did give me a lot to try and allowed me to familiarize myself with parts of the RV I hadn’t touched yet.

So, if you ever find yourself in the Shreveport/Bossier City area and need a helpful, knowledgable mobile RV technician, I can heartily recommend you give Chris Newman of First Choice Mobile RV Repair a call (318-658-1324 or just to save you the trouble of searching yourself).

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