Eating Good in the Neighborhood – Seither’s Seafood

When you’re in New Orleans, Louisiana, there are two things you can’t avoid; drinking too much of brightly colored frozen drinks, and eating delicious seafood.  It was with the latter in mind, that we decided to head over to Seither’s Seafood.

Seither’s Seafood
279 Hickory Ave
New Orleans, LA 70123

The location is very industrial, and the building and decor is very blue collar and functional.  This ain’t no high-falutin’, fancy pants touristy place.  This is a down to earth Louisiana seafood place where real people come to eat real food, cooked by real people who understand what the diners want. The menu consists of the traditional New Orleans seafood fare, with multiple options that have been ‘kicked up a notch’ with some eclectic additions and modifications.  While I can’t comment on most of their dishes, I can whole heartedly recommend their oysters and crawfish.  We started our meal with a dozen regular oysters and a dozen of their speciality Mojo oysters.  In both cases, the oysters were large, juicy, shucked to perfection, and deliciously tasty.  The Mojo came with a topping of their special Mojo sauce, a slice of jalapeño, a little bit of lime and an orange wedge.  We weren’t quite sure how to eat them, so we decided to squeeze the lime on the oyster, down the lot, then suck the orange as a cooling chaser for the spicy peppers.  However they are supposed to be eaten, they certainly were a good take on a traditional serving style, and well worth trying.

Oysters with sauce and lime and orange slices

Delicious, spicy oysters from Seither’s Seafood, New Orleans, LA

Following that we had a mixed platter of crawfish, shrimp, and snow crab (they were out of blue crabs) along with all the trimmings.  The shrimp were huge, the crawfish weren’t far behind, they were piping hot, and the seasoning was just spicy enough without causing temporary blindness.  I’m still working on my tail pinching and head sucking technique, but all in all I held my own and had a satisfying and invigorating meal.

If I had to find one downside of Seither’s Seafood, it would be the beer selection.  No draft and all big two bottles, apart from one Abita option.  However, I don’t think many people go there for the beer, other than to have it as a suitable accompaniment to the awesome seafood

9/10, would eat there again!

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