To the Moon

St Augustine

The first half of our two week stay was at St. John’s RV Park. It’s right off of I-95 and hidden behind a Burger King. We actually had trouble finding it even with the sign posting because you couldn’t see it from the road. But this is a plus really. It’s very quiet and even though it’s close to the road, you wouldn’t know it. The park itself doesn’t have any amenities other than WiFi and a coin laundry but the cost is low and the staff was nice. We had full hookups for 6 nights and one night no sewer.

It was Halloween week and we were worried about not having a neighborhood to trick or treat in. Luckily there was a lot of activity between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We took the boys to trick or treat at the zoo on the 28th. This was our first year doing this sort of activity. It was a little strange since we didn’t have a clue what to expect.  Both of the adults thought there would be (more) animal sightings but it’s more like walking around in the dark zoo with Halloween decorations. Lots of areas to take pictures with characters and a bounce house area with things for the kids to do. The boys enjoyed it enough.


Halloween night we took a train ride with Ripley’s Believe it or Not. The train makes four stops where the staff gives you candy. You don’t even have to leave the ride and then drops you for some putt putt golf. We were only able to do about 9 holes before having to find food. Luckily there are a lot of places nearby. And we could have stayed for the movie but it was late and our kids are still little. It was nice to be able to take the ride through Old Town. The shops also did treats for the kids as you walked by if you didn’t want to pay for a tour.

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Our second week in St. Augustine was spent at Bryn Mawr RV Resort. The park is tight, parking and driving. However, even with a space far from the beach, we were still close enough to visit every day. There are also a lot of amenities like pools, hot tub and a nice playground.

The library we visited had story time PLUS the librarians play music. They wrote their own alphabet song for the kids. Ben was amazed by the size of the double base one librarian was playing. The boys were also able to put tissue paper leaves on a tree. Next to the library is a large playground plus carousel.

We visited the Pirate Museum on one Saturday. It’s a tightly packed building with lots of relics and history to absorb. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Not only was it starting to heat up outside and the place has air conditioning but we also came just in time for the tour with Captain Mayhem.  All decked out in pirate gear, Captain Mayhem not only gave out an interesting history but he was witty and cheeky with the patrons.

Arrr matey- pirate museum St Augustine

Arrr matey- pirate museum St Augustine

Port Orange/Daytona

We hit the ground running when we got to Daytona. Normally, our trips are very long and we are travel worn; only able to find the energy to open the slides and cobble together dinner. Not this time. Instead, we made our way to Barnes and Nobles for their first Makers Faire. Our timing was a bit off so the kids didn’t get to make anything but they were able to view all of the cool gadgets. Who knew that BNB would be selling a 3D printer, relatively inexpensive too? The best part was receiving a free ‘robot’ for Ben and Michael to make later in the week. It was just a toothbrush head, battery, and vibrating piece but Ben loved it.

Nova Family Campground is perfectly located. We didn’t use the pool or other amenities because we were out and about for a large part of our time.  It is very close to large park with fields to play baseball or softball and of course, playground equipment. The boys met a lovely older kid who played with them and consequently gave us a bit of a break.

Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens are also very close to the RV Park. We were able to get on our bikes and get there in a few short minutes. We learned about the history of the site. It’s a wonderful place to get a lot of photos. The kids weren’t cooperating of course.

Sugar Mill 4 Sugar Mill 5 Sugar Mill 3 Sugar MIll 2 Sugar Mill 6 Sugar Mill 1

Buying a yearly membership to the WNC in Asheville, NC has been well worth it. All of the included Science and Zoos that we will and have been able to attend have probably already paid for themselves. At the Museum of Arts and Science, there are a lot of hands on activities for the boys to do. The biggest hit was being able to make pizzas and put them into a ‘brick oven’. Our oldest is in love with space and there is a planetarium included with the cost of admission. Who knew Galileo would be so interesting to a four and one year old? It certainly was educational for us adults.

Making pizza

Making pizza


Where do we get honey

Making faces

Making Faces

Hands on play

Hands on play

Cape Canaveral

Fishing and the beach with a little bit of space. We booked Jetty Park because it was close to Kennedy Space Center. Our reason for going was to watch a shuttle launch but unfortunately it was rescheduled. It was a bummer but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Watching our oldest boy at Kennedy Space Center was amazing. He was in a funky mood, didn’t want to take pictures or anything but he was also soaking in all of the information. The amount of information and things to do at the center is amazing. There were a few things that our little kids couldn’t go on, like the rocket launch simulation and the smallest kiddo couldn’t do the giant indoor slide they had. We were able to go a few more times after purchasing a yearly pass. The second time, we met Astronaut J.O. Creighton. Ben told him that he wanted to be an astronaut and of course, quickly forgot he met the real deal and was asking for the ‘astronaut’ in the lighted suit. Kids. If we lived closer, we would go way more often.

Meeting astronaut j.o. Creighton

Meeting astronaut j.o. Creighton

Amazing kid artist nasa

Kid Artist

3D nasa NASA kennedy NASA Kennedy 2 A "Rose" of galaxies- nasa J.o. Creighton NASA 1 NASA 2

If you stay at Jetty Park, you get to use their fishing pier. You also do not have to get a fishing license (though we have a Florida saltwater anyway). And you get to see a lot of aquatic life, even if you don’t fish. While we didn’t catch anything to eat, we did catch a lot of fish. Well, the four year old did anyway. He was able to get them on the hook quicker than we could bait and put our lines in. Random adults walking by were bemused by his fishing skills.

Pirate at the playground- jetty park Sand at jetty Jetty park pirate


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