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We stopped at the Georgia welcome center to visit the torpedo in the picture. They had this lovely peach cider to try out. We did not stop to get any, which I regret and am also happy about since it was really, really delicious and I do not have any willpower. We also did get to geocache.


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Red Gate Farms

Red Gate Farms is an amazing place to stay. We had access to a pool and internet. Plus, there are horses, ducks, chickens, and even a goat on premises. Our kids were tuckered out almost every night. There are not a lot of spaces but there’s tons of land where you don’t feel crowded. The managers are hands off but available if you need it.

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Savannah Botanical Gardens

No one was around when we took a quick visit to the gardens. It was very wet and muddy but still beautiful. We did not stay long because of the nasty mosquitoes. There is a lot of flowers to see and definitely places to park and picnic. BRING BUG SPRAY!!





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Railroad Museum/ Children’s Museum/ Savannah History Museum

We chose to do this as a package deal. It’s all near or in Savannah’s Welcome Center. Taking it as a package basically pays for the third event and while I initially scoffed at the History Museum, it was certainly a worthwhile visit. Plus, it was a rainy morning and the kids and I were able to wait it out to go to the Children’s Museum.

The Children’s Museum is really an outdoor play space. It’s lush and provides enough stimulation for kids to play. There’s giant slides,  an English garden of sorts, a reading nook, labyrinth, plus engaging art play with the staff. The day we went, there was also water play.

Trains and more trains. Learn about the history of the railroad system in Georgia and even get a short ride on a steam or, in our case, diesel. There’s huge plans for extending out the track.

Savanah History Museum 3 Savanah History Museum 2 Railroad Museum 5 Railroad Museum 7 Railroad Museum 8 Railroad Museum Savanah History Museum 1 Railroad Museum 2 Railroad Museum 3 Railroad Museum 4

Forsyth Park

Being close to the beautiful trees with their moss dressing is very Southern. There is tons of room to walk, run, or even bike. The playground is perfect for different age kids and very clean. We could have stayed longer if it wasn’t for it being one of the hottest and sunniest days during our visit.


Forsyth Park 7 Forsyth Park 2 Forsyth Park 5 Forsyth Park 6 Forsyth Park 1

Colonel Cemetery

The boys and I didn’t spend a lot of time reading the history of the residents but we still enjoyed the walk. There’s a small little park and ample photo opportunities.Colonel Cemetery 4Colonel Cemetery 1Colonel Cemetery 2

We could have spent a lot longer in Savannah than we did. There were tons of things to do and the weather was starting to change and agree with us. I’m pretty sure if we have the chance, we will be back. There’s something familiar and comforting about this place. Maybe it’s the New Orleans feel or the Cornish pasty from Pie Society.


Edisto State Park

We did the beach and really nothing else while in Edisto. Oh and s’mores, cannot forget the s’mores.  The service for my phone was spotty and Michael had just enough to do work. It was quite nice to disconnect and play with the boys.

Sea Cow is a lovely place to get dinner though. The food is delicious plus they serve pie. Since it wasn’t peak season, we were seated quickly and had our meals before the boys could get upset.

Our rig did flood from a busted pipe in the bathroom during our visit. Our youngest woke in the middle of the night and while I was feeding him, the husband heard water flowing. Admittedly, I thought this was either rain or the ocean since we could hear the waves crashing. Nope, we suspect the water pressure was too great and pushed through the pipes. Salty water everywhere plus lots of trips to the local Ace. Thank goodness for that weirdly placed hardware store (it’s in an office condo which looks like a house).

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