Estero and Alafia , Fl

It has been an eventful few weeks. We are totally late on our updates because we stayed at two state parks that did not have wifi or sewer hookups. The latter has no affect on posting but it is an amenity that one does not truly appreciate until one has to move the house just to go dump.



Estero is still pretty populated area. There is a ton to do, including lots of free playgrounds. Some inside malls. I’m sure that this is a thing other people know about but it was the first time I ever experienced it. The malls are outside but the play areas were covered. Pretty smart idea if you like to shop.

Estero Community Park Ben-use

One of the most memorable places the kids and I went to was the Calusa Nature & Planetarium. Totally worth the trip and cost. I will warn that there is only vending machines and the shows start after 1230. Both, I was ill prepared for. This meant that we did not stay very long after the first planetarium show. We were starving and Sam was tired.

Ben Planetarium Ben Sam Nature Center


We stayed at Koreshan State Park. The area is quite lush despite being able to see the highway from parts of the park. I did take a picture of a tortoise but I didn’t remember to set my camera back and everything came out black. So, no cool picture. We did try to geocache but came up empty handed. There’s a place to fish and a nice shaded park for the kids to play.

KoreshanStatePark (7) KoreshanStatePark (6)



Well, Alafia was only a half week stay. Which is probably for the best. There truly wasn’t a lot to do without driving for awhile. The actual park was pretty neat and really cool for offroad biking. There’s even a bike wash. We do not bike.

We did visit the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Fl. The weather was probably the nicest it could be for this time of year. The boys enjoyed looking at the trains and searching for alligators.

DSC_0193 - Copy FloridaTrainMuseum (3) FloridaTrainMuseum (8) FloridaTrainMuseum (10) FloridaTrainMuseum (3) FloridaTrainMuseum (7)


Another fun stop was Dinosaur World. There are two others in the US. It’s sort of pricey but it was fun to walk under the canopy. Pro tip- bring bug spray. We opted for gem mining for Ben to do. He got a bag of ‘dirt’ and gems which he was able to pan.

DinosaurWorld (10) DinosaurWorld (11) DinosaurWorld (9) DinosaurWorld (8) DinosaurWorld (7)DinosaurWorld (13) DinosaurWorld (14) DinosaurWorld (15) DinosaurWorld (16)

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  1. Kelli Reply

    I love reading about your adventures girl! Keep them coming. I’m totally loving vicariously through you all! Xo. Travel safe.

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